Monday, February 25, 2008

My Oscar Wardrobe Picks

The red carpet pre-Oscar show was kind of a snooze. Ryan Seacrest is no Joan Rivers (hell, he's not even Melissa Rivers) so he asked stupid questions and his idiot cameraman didn't get any full length shots of the dresses. Also he asked George Clooney the stupidest question about Valentines Day.

Redeeming himself, Seacrest squealed like a teenager when the delightfully deranged Gary Busey made some vaguely threatening remark.

Below are my most favorite looks and the OMG/WTF, fire your damn stylist looks. Rachel Zoe beware.

George Clooney. Who cares what he's wearing. Stylish good looks never go out of style.

Only Penelope Cruz could pull off this dress and she did it beautifully.

Amy Adams gets super props for picking a dress that works with her coloring. I would have loved a little more detail along the top of the bodice - or a really gigantic emerald and diamond necklace. But big props for the dress - and singing beautifully during the show.

Possibly my favorite dress of the evening, Calista Flockhart's grecian inspired number was truly divine.

Julie Christy could wear burlap and be stunning. She went with the burgundy tafetta and still pulled it off.

Boston native Keisha Whitaker was the only person at the Ocscars that could pull off this color. Perfect accessories too. Brava.

Amy Ryan - such a shock to see her so gorgeous after her scary turn in Gone Daddy Gone. One of the many grecian inspired dresses - she rocked this color better than anyone else.

I also loved Steve Carell's wife Nancy Walls' dress - but I couldn't find a good photo of it. Ivory silk sateen - beautifully cut. Fantastic necklace.

The ladies in Red were all fabulous in their own ways. SEE THEM HERE.

And now the things that made me cringe, cry and shout at the TV.

Kelly Preston. OMG - The church of Scientology doesn't have any fashion advisors? Wrong color, wrong shape for your body type and you are posed like your arm is holding up the bodice. Yikes.

Diablo Cody - you slightly redeemed yourself with your acceptance speech, but I could see from the moment your name was called that you wish you had worn something different - slit too high, dress slightly too tight. That's a shame.

Him: Honey, what color are these shoes?
Her: Is my breastplate out of scale with my shoulder bows?
Him: What color is my piping?
Her: I can't feel my feet.

Alright Ms. Zellweger - I have had it with the schizoid homemade hair cut. I have had it with dresses that wash your too pale skin out even further, I have had it with botox and the lack of accessories. Actually, I may have had it with you too.

Keri Russell: A dress in the wrong wishy-washy color and such an overly boned bodice that you have quadra boob - and you don't have enough boob to make that happen easily. In your favor, the necklace was fabulous and your hair and make-up worked. Please put on some color!

I couldn't bother with Cameron Diaz's dress disaster of 2008 - shitty color, wrinkled, no accessories.


mushroommeadows said...

Nice job. Thanks for sharing the Oscar pictures...I didn't get to watch the entire awards ceremony.

Anyway, *sigh* such pretty dresses (well most of them anyway).

Anonymous said...

That actually is not Steve Carell's wife - it's Amy Ryan.