Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday: Breaking Bad Style

Badcat in her post-T-Bone favorite place, the back of my comfy chair, looking out the window at the birds enjoying their Easter feast of songbird feed. (Put there solely for her entertainment.)

My Easter table. Vintage Eva Zeisal for Hallcraft dishes (possibly my favorite dishes ever) vintage champagne glasses my mom sent years ago, vintage "M" monogram tall glasses Tom let me buy for my birthday a couple of years ago at Newbury Mercantile & Monagram.

My tribute to AMC's new show Breaking Bad. Kidding. We first used these beakers to display Easter candy several years ago. Number one - it's pretty, number two - people keep their germy hands to themselves because they are not digging around in a bowl. And you can see exactly how much candy you are consuming in one sitting. But since malted milk eggs are mostly air - do they even count?

We enjoyed a lovely brunch, spirited conversation and then a long nap. Perfect.

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