Thursday, March 13, 2008

Food Poisoning Sucks

Returning after a day spent in silent contemplation of my bathroom. I don't know what caused the illness, but I did have lunch with a friend at a sub shop that rhymes with Frizznos. Anyhoo...

Since I was home hallucinating and just trying to survive the morning, I did get to see Elliott Spitzer resign LIVE on MSNBC. When I say "get to" I mean had to listen to idiot after idiot after idiot ponder the idiotic question "Why did his wife Silda stand next to him?" My answer: IT'S NONE OF YOUR FRIGGING BUSINESS.

Why does anyone do anything? May she isn't there for him, but for her three daughters. Maybe she is there for him - hurt (no doubt the pain is unimaginable,) sad (don't you hate when you wake up married to someone stupid,) and, just a guess here, FURIOUS.

Now the hooker's motivation I can understand - dude paid out a lot of scratch to be with a Jersey Girl. I can understand her motivation - money. But what about the chicks that aren't hookers, per se, who choose to go after a married man? Are they less guilty than the hooker? Are they less hookerish than the hooker? Is the hooker less whorish for only being after the money and not a recreational homewrecker? Are any of them less slutty than the man? Yep, I was really sick and had all kinds of time to ponder these questions and more. Like what movie is that line from "She's not a whore, whores do it for money?"

Oh, FYI - if you Google "angry wife cuts off penis" you get 56,300 hits. That's a whole lot of anger.

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