Saturday, March 15, 2008

Go See The Savages

Being the flexible, non-parenting adults that we are, when Tom and I got a last minute call from our friends Henry and Erica asking if we wanted to go see The Savages (playing at the Studio Theater in Belmont or a theater near you) we jumped at the chance.

I had seen filmmaker Tamara Jenkins take home a bunch of Independent Spirit Awards and heard a lot of good things about the film, but I wasn't sure I was ready to visit the elderly parent dying, hilarity ensues theme just now. That is not an accurate description of the film - it is about relationships; parent-child, child-child, child-health care system (with a dose of an affair with a married man, and a Guggenheim grant competition between siblings.)

If you have any interest in solid writing, brilliant performances and a tear or two - go see this film. Brilliant in its honesty, sparkling it its wit, I found it totally worthy of all recent accolades.

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