Monday, March 03, 2008

I Was Going to Blame Everything on the Men

So I was going to blame all wars on men (really, historically - who's going to challenge that assertion?) because the men generally do lob the first bombs and rile stuff up.

To wit: This week's cases in point -

Ahmadinejad announces "no one likes the Americans" - because that's what mature adults do, blow raspberries across the globe.

Hugo Chavez is doing his damndest to taunt Bush (not difficult...) by starting a border war and harming some of the poorest people in South America.

And while I was feeling all girl power smug - this little number came across my AP wire:

Jee-yee-sus people. Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid and adults should act like frickin' adults.

1 comment:

James-H said...

If any place can rile the kind of endocrine activity that would send a grown woman into a rage, it is Chuck E. Cheese.

Just typing it makes me flinch and grit my teeth.