Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nookie I Can Live With, but Not for 80K

I'm not siding with the Republicans, but sorry - if the allegations of hiding the money via bank transfers is true - you got to go. And deal with your three teenage daughters (likely a fate worse than death) and your very sad, very ANGRY wife.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!


peter said...

Look at it this way: when the Republican guys have their sexual implosions, they're with male interns, or whatever crudbucket taps back from the next stall in the men's room. Contrast that with our guys; from Gary Hart aboard a yacht to Spitzy in his 4 star hotel with a $4,000 guest. There is tawdry political suicide and there is that which is executed in style.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, must disagree with Peter. Cheating on your wife isn't classy, regardless of how much scratch you shelled out.