Monday, March 24, 2008

Red Sox Opening Day Tomorrow - 6am?

Red Sox opening day is tomorrow at 6am. The Sox will face off against the Oakland A's in Tokyo and by all accounts the reception has been quite welcoming all around. I mean really, the cutest fans ever? The Sox defeated the Yomiuri Giants twice, to a packed Tokyo Dome and have been received like heroes wherever they have gone. The team conducted a baseball clinic for kids (and the pix are adorable.)

Check out the Go Sox blog. Yup, it's in Japanese.

A fan named Daigo has put his Japan Trip photo stream up on his Flickr. My favorite is the stadium food.

I really wish Tommy's friend Henry blogged. He and daughter Stephanie are on the trip. I wish I had another word for jealous.

I'll be up early for the game, but I won't be joining these fans.

Go Sox, you magnificent team.

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