Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sad to Say, I Think Christian is Going to Win

Yeah, after the disaster that was Project Runway 3 I swore I would never watch it again, but I got sucked in a few weeks ago and the final episode is on right now.

I LOVE Jillian - gorgeous stuff. I LOVE Rami - gorgeous again. But Christian, you flaming little bastard - the collection that I just watched go down the runway was STUNNING. AMAZING. PERFECT.

I still can't stand fatface Michael Kors or lame-o Nina Garthia - but I wasn't watching for anyone else's opinion.

I'm now exhausted from all the CAPITALIZATION.

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bex said...

see, i *love* christian -- he defintely has the most personality of all the designers, and really, that is half of being a designer. also...did you SEE the tiny apartment where he made ALL those pieces for his collection?? he should win just based on that!