Thursday, March 27, 2008

T-Bone Came Home Today

T-Bone the Kitty's ashes arrived at the house today via UPS. Tommy was devastated, rightly so, at the thought of losing his beloved pet. He was also mad at my choice of urn:

My choices were rather limited, and a $90 bronze urn didn't seem right for our kitty from the street. Also, there are no immediate plans to display him on the fireplace mantel. I don't know, it was a really weird experience to decide what vessel the remains of my cat should come home in. The company that handled the cremation returned the the photo of T-Bone that I sent with the information sheet (aka the order form) in the hopes that my cat would actually be returned home. They also sent a copy of the poem The Rainbow Bridge. (Only click on that link if you have lost a pet, otherwise you will lose your lunch.)

I'm gonna go have me a good long cry and eat Easter candy. And cry some more.

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KT said...

:( My poor baby is still in the plastic box he came home in from the kitty hospital... I haven't found anything that wasn't just too stupid to stand... I suck as a kitty mom so don't feel bad... I think I'll cry with you for awhile...