Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blogger Social Thinking Out Loud

So, like many other attendees at last weekend's Blogger Social festivities in New York City, I am still grappling with the enormity of what Social means. The pictures tell an amazing, collective, expansive story. Check out the group BS08 pool here.

On the one hand, my husband got to see that the mysterious "bloggers" I speak of so frequently are real, genuine, lovely people (and not the winged monkeys he'd worked up in his head. Actually I'm just guessing that's what he made them in his head, could have been anything actually...fanged creatures, talking dolphins - who knows?) On the other hand, he was one of the few spouses to witness the critical mass of geekdom. Introducing Tom to some of my favorite people was fun. Now when I mention certain bloggers he has a frame of reference. It has made a piece of my virtual world "real" for my other half - and that may possibly make me seem less weird (to him at least.)

On the other hand, it was such an overwhelming treat to have so many smart, gorgeous, funny, bleeding edge writers in one place that I can't find the right words for the event. I'm not the only one who struggled. Drew McLellan & CK are the best people in the blogiverse and I am grateful to have watched them make the magic from the inside. I thank you both a zillion million for all the fun, and email (to every account) and calls and shout outs. I already thanked all of our kind goodie gifters, but I really want to thank the rest of these fabulous people for making the experience so rich:

Tim Brunelle was thinking about it (in a serious way) before the event even happened. Susan Bird laughed about many of us Twittering at dinner. Gavin Heaton had a few thought on the event moving from community to family. The divine Christina Kerley ("CK") has a few words (and thanks) and thoughts about the time capsule we created. Drew McLellan put together some beautiful thoughts (and sent me a text asking me to pass the bread at dinner on Saturday.) I really enjoyed meeting Doug Meacham. Greg Verdino had some thoughts on himself at Blogger Social (kidding!) One of my true delights of the weekend, Steve Woodruff wrote a little bit about the events. He almost moved the event too.

David Reich not only ran the youth hostel for the weekend, but wrote a damn good post about it too. I got to meet THE Tangerine Toad, and was allowed to use his given name. I may have scared the crap out of Mack Collier, but I think he liked it - actually, I know he did. Ryan Barrett said the weekend was surreal. Rohit Bhargava joined in the goodie madness and felt my pain.

Anna Farmery & Heather Gorringe crossed the pond for both BlogHer and Blogger Social, and they were awesome at both. Director Tom has a variety of hats and one giant heart. Geoff Livingston is one funny, tall man - and I can't think of a better Jaffe. CeCe Lee brought her delightful (and non-blogging) husband Gregg. It was really nice to see Darryl Ohrt at Social - I haven't seen him since I fell out of the van. Marshall Sponder joined in the fun (and has a video.) Chris Kieff! learned about Animoto and created a nice photo pool featuring the Lorna Doone cookies from our boat lunch.

My new personal beverage guru and Social Media Explorer, Jason Falls, took a measured approach in writing about Social - less so when CK dropped him a note. Paul Soldera is a New Zealander currently working in New York. I enjoyed meeting Saul Colt who brought his lovely wife Cheryl. Next time you see me, ask me what Cheryl writes about in her blog. Todd Andrlik was quite possibly the tallest blogger at Social. We were thrilled to see Todd in New York and send love to his sister Tricia. The delightful Ryan Karpeles was a Social co-conspirator and was a treat to finally meet.

CK's good friend Neil Vineberg sat at our table for the Saturday night dinner. A delightful, gentle presence was a beautiful addition to the crew. Cam Beck, I agree that first life kicks Second Life's ass. John Rosen is awesomely nice and gave all of us copies of his book Stopwatch Marketing. Matthew McDonald was the best dressed Socialite all weekend, and brought the ugly corsages. Katilyn Wilkins was witness to the madness and writes about it beautifully. Boston homey John Wall sported a pipe (for show) on Saturday night *guffaws* and light mocking ensued. Boston area Age of Conversation c0-author and ultimate vocal manipulator Scott Monty ruled the microphone on Saturday night as he presented the Frozen Pea Fund check to the Reynolds family.

Virginia Miracle attended both BlogHer and Social - and got my favorite picture of Mack Collier (actually smiling!) Amanda Gravel may have been the youngest socialite, but was absolutely fearless in her approach - rock on girl!

I finally got to hug Paul. I twittered with Armano, but mostly at Jaffe (because he didn't make the scene.) Gene DeWitt wore my tiara. We helped celebrate Mario Vellandi's first blogiversary. We got to meet Arun, and everyone wanted to dress him up, which was totally awesome. Lewis Green lead with his heart and shared his book with us. Connie Reece brought the awesome from Austin - I'm hoping for Blogtoberfest in her neck of the woods. The marketing Diva Toby Bloomberg was at BlogHer (where I got to sit on her round table) and at Social for which she brought delicious brownies. Seni Thomas explained the concept and then created an event feed for Social. I really enjoyed meeting Roberta Rosenberg because I love the name of her blog - The Copywriting Maven (and she was awesomely funny too.) I got to meet the crazy good Techipedia's Tamar Weinberg on Saturday night. Linda Sherman has the best rundown on Rohit's book breakfast. Susan Reynolds was in our hearts and minds.


Greg Verdino said...

I get the feeling I've just been insulted but I'm not quite certain. ;-)

Moda di Magno said...

@Verdino - not an insult, I think you were channeling Jaffe in advance...

Cam Beck said...

I can't believe you never hugged Paul. The way you two behave, I would have thought you were old buddies. :)

It was so great to meet you, Lori.

Moda di Magno said...

@cam: It was the whole "I've known him online for almost two years, but first time in same place thing."

Thank God he was not a winged monkey!

Linda Sherman said...

Lori, This is a lovely wrap-up on Blogger Social. I think if every attendee from BS08 does one it will never get old because everyone has their own unique, interesting to others experience of the event. Most of us do share HUGGING as a major takeaway and I do remember hugging you. You are a great hugger! Thanks for the link!

The M Show said...

Mocking's not a problem as long as I'm still above Monty!

Connie Reece said...

What an amazing post, Lori. I loved reading your thoughts about all the different people we got to spend time with. I came home from New York to a house half-packed and have been working night and day since then to get ready to move -- tomorrow! So I haven't had time to put my thoughts down about Social, and don't even know if I can. CK had promised it would be something we'd always remember, and I do believe she was right.

Mario Vellandi said...

Wow, that was one detailed recap - better than any journalist could hope to concisely do. Great meeting you Lori!

Steve Woodruff said...

What a great recap - thanks, Lori, for all that you put into it!

Ryan Karpeles said...

So good to meet you as well Lori. We know you worked your butt off, and it definitely showed throughout the weekend. (Not your butt... the effort ;-)

Many thanks again. And a lovely, lovely recap btw.

Drew McLellan said...

You were the most lovely discovery of all.

Without a doubt.