Friday, April 04, 2008

Dinner & Music

Had dinner with two of my favorite New Yorkers last night, Andy Serwer and his fabulous artist-wife Fran. (Fran also went to college with Tommy.) We went to the amazing Jean Georges restaurant (bar-side darlings, I'm still not allowed on white furniture) for one of the best meals ever. And you know how I'm all about the food, so when I say ever - I mean ever. Of course the company elevated the meal to spectacular. The menu was concise and seasonal, the service extraordinary and the experience wonderful. Good call Fran & Andy!

Discussing BlogHer and social media with Andy was interesting. For someone who works in "traditional journalism" he is well-versed in social media concepts. We chewed over social networks and technology and "the Zuckerberg-Lacy incident" at SXSW. How awesome it was to find Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten blog linked to his restaurant website. And to find his blog up to date. One note, Jean Georges is not a regular publisher, so he needs to get on it (or get a ghost writer.)

Later on Tom and I visited the Blue Note jazz club to hear the legendary saxophonist James Moody with special guest vocalist Jon Hendricks. I have no words for how gorgeous and soulful and wonderful the music was. At the ages of 83 and 86 we don't know how long we will be able to drop into a club and see these amazing talents - but I did last night. Am lucky girl again.

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