Friday, April 11, 2008

Need Your Desiger Eyes

I would love anyone with an artistic (or logo trademark) eye to weigh in on this:

Marketing Profs. I know them, I love them. Very smarty smarty people.

twitbin. I don't know them. But I was truly shocked to see their logo. ***DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A KNOCK OFF OF THE MARKETING PROFS LOGO? Or is it just me?

What say you Internets? I don't likey.


Mario Vellandi said...

Okay, I get the bird (tweet) but here's what is problematic for me:

Color: it's a lighter shade of the MP. They should adjust the hue.

It can be difficult to make a great 2D logo that works across various mediums without losing detail. At least the bird is facing the other way, and its wings are up.

megan said...

Which came first the bird or the bird?

Moda di Magno said...

Megs: Marketing Profs came first.

Moda di Magno said...


Now you see it - looks like they should be the same company, but they are not. I've asked a new question on the post: "Does this (twitbin) look like a knock off of the Marketing Profs logo?"

I'm leaning toward yes.

Mario Vellandi said...

It looks like a rip. I haven't drawn many birds, but I can imagine there'd be multiple ways to do one - I believe this is a blue jay n'est pas? It's just that this particular illustration with the head, body, tail, etc...and the strong color resemblance is very closely representing brand confusion: That most definitely is a problem.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be nit-picky, but. Yes, they do resemble each other, but the MP is a blue jay (crest of feathers on head), while the other is definitely NOT a blue jay.

Similar? Yes.
Same? No.
Rip-off? Anyone's guess.

The M Show said...

Close yes, but Profs bird is to the LEFT while the other one is to the RIGHT. Totally different LOL.

Ann Handley said...

Good thing our bird is a fighter.... you know how aggressive those jays can be! : )

Make the logo bigger said...

It’s Web 2.0, where it’s not a rip, it’s a ‘reimagining’ of the original.