Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Red Sox Baseball Makes Life Worth Living

Kevin Youkilis delivered the winning run in Boston's 1-0 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays - a game that was unbelievably unbelievable. Jon Lester (according to my friend Cynthia in the 5th inning, and according the the radio know-it-alls AFTER the game) had his career game. Solid pitching over eight innings; totally in command of the one-hit game.

Our hitting still leaves a lot to be desired, but after Big Papi walked to first and then Manny Ramirez hit a nice shot to move Papi to second (with Red Sox Nation holding its collective breath as we await home run number 500 - though he remains stuck on #496.) Then our man YOUUUKKK, Kevin Youkilis drove Big Papi home.

I did have to listen to Cynthia rail against Terry Francona's decision not to pinch-run Big Papi in the ninth, also she wanted Jacob Ellsbury instead of Coco Crisp. Terry, please contact Cynthia at her office, she has a few other ideas for too.

It was great to welcome Mike Lowell back to the team and Dustin Pedroia is still my favorite - his amazing diving snatch and throw to take Wells out in the ninth was thrilling. Papelbon is Papelbon, a totally in control wild thing. I love this team.

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