Monday, April 14, 2008

Work Halted at Filene's Site

Work halted at approximately 11:30am after a facade at the top of the Filene's building at Hawley & Franklin Street. Fire & Police on scene. Notated photos at Flickr.

4:00pm update: No one working, inspectors visited the rooftop scene about 4 hours after it happened (see late photos in the Flickr set.) And hey, why isn't the building completely shrouded in net to keep the dust down. *I'm sure there was no asbestos used in any of the Filene's buildings - right?*


Ron Newman said...

When I passed by around 6:15 tonight, Hawley Street was still closed off with yellow caution tape at both Summer St. and Franklin St. Police were stationed at each end.

BeastGP said...

Hawley St is still closed off as of this morning (4/16). I was away from work the last 2 days and missed the collapse (damn bad timing.

You (or anyone else) might be interested in another perspective of the work. I'm in 101 Arch and just above the roof level:

Nice to see your perspective too! It's really opened up a lot on the Franklin St side.

George said...

The Red Line Downtown Crossing station exit to Hawley Street has been closed throughout this event.