Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dooce Survives Kathy Lee Gifford

I missed Heather Armstrong (Dooce!) on the Today Show yesterday but thanks to the goodness of the MSNBC website, I can bring you the interview. A few weeks ago when I attended BlogHer Business NBC was there to tape some interviews with bloggers as part of the "MOM BLOGGER" story. MOM BLOGGER should always be in caps. (Or use your fingers as "air quotes".) It helps further categorize women into tiny little categories for marketing purposes.

BTW - Heather, I loved the dress and your hair was perfect, but I'm mailing you some accessories. You needed a little spike of color. You also needed to slap Kathy Lee Gifford, who strikes me as much stupider than I had previously imagined. Oh wait, no she doesn't.

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