Friday, May 09, 2008

The Joy of Metal

I'm taking a 3-day PMC (precious metal clay) Certification at the Metalwerx Studio in Waltham, MA. The class is being taught by artist Chris Darway who is awesome and making a tough schedule lively and fun. I'll need to complete 7 specific projects that show an understanding of foundational construction techniques and the qualities of the various products.

I am so excited to spend three days working with this awesomely cool product - which is 99.9% fine silver, but starts in the form of "clay" (really fine silver particles suspended in binder) that when fired gives you beautiful results. There are many things I can do with this product that I can't with regular sterling silver.

Some snaps below, more at Flickr. And more tomorrow.

Chris Darway mugs for my camera.

The first project: the hollowform bead.

PMC sheet - this product is amazing.
The woven project using PMC sheet.

Beads just removed from the kiln.
My bead (which I designed to be a pendant) straight from the kiln before being polished.

My bead/pendant after a first pass with the brass brush and a little burnishing.

The back of my bead, half polished.

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