Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kentucky Derby Day 2008

I attended a Kentucky Derby party at the home of friends today. The most excellent mint juleps took the edge of the cold, raw, rainy day - and I even won a little money on Big Brown by complete chance. The photo set is here.

Vintage hand-painted cocktail glass. Probably from Jerry's shop Whistlestop Antiques in Dover, MA.

Mint Juleps - perfect on a rainy day.

Fancy hats were a part of the day, as they should be.

I cannot express how sad I am over the accident that claimed Eight Belles at the end of the race. Another beautiful animal gone, and for what? Will this terrible accident cause people to look at horse racing in a new light? How about dog racing? I have to hand it to whoever was running the show - the incident was handled quite tastefully, not repeated over and over in the moment. The media rarely is so gracious with humans.

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