Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Today in Ads & Pictures

Coach "Because she's stylish?" Really? I'm leaning towards Coach "our ad idiots went through the trash bin to come up with that line." Or Coach "because we think you are eternally gullible, even in this economy." $498 for a patent leather (plastic) handbag? Puh-leez.

MC Hammer is twittering. Well, I think that's just fine. Thanks Bill


Make the logo bigger said...

Please Hammer, don’t update 'em. (Ouch.)

Thinking In Vain said...

$498 for a patent leather (plastic) handbag? Puh-leez.

The Store Where You Won't Shop is selling some sort of Italian patent leather purses for $499.99.

If I remember I'll take a picture of them, they're fugly. And yeah, the suggested retail price is like $1000.

Now, I have to go get on Twitter so I can follow MC Hammer. ;)