Thursday, June 26, 2008

Descent Into Dorkdom

The delightful Thinking In Vain turned me onto the blog-as-pretty-graph thing (via the always thoughtful yet manly Make the Logo Bigger) and I was excited to see all the pretty colors and offshoots and things. Go make your own HERE.

On a completely unrelated but totally dorkdom note, I saw an ad for the Gong Show with Dave Attell. Um, I enjoyed Insomniac with Dave Attell, but I have scary and/or awesome memories of the Gong Show with Chuck Barris, Rex Reed, Jaye P. Morgan et al and I'm not sure I'm up for a new version. Feeling like it could be the early part of American Idol. You know, the crazy people part. TBD.

Do you think "America's Got Talent" is too tame? Does "Dancing with the Stars" make you cringe? Well, Dave Attell and Comedy Central are bringing back the original and best comedy variety show, "The Gong Show”! The Gong Show with Dave Attell will consist of eight - ten unusual, absurd, bizarre, twisted, unique and hilarious acts that will be judged by a panel of three revolving celebrity judge. Stars will be made. Feelings will be hurt.

1 comment:

Make the logo bigger said...

After all that’s been out since the original Gong Show, there’s not to much that they can do to shock people, short of a live human sacrifice on stage.

Now that would be manly.