Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Greater Boston Legal Services Needs Your Help

I have complained, more than once, about the morons who devalue a sporting team's win by acting like Massholes. Yvonne Abraham of the Boston Globe wrote a column today and posted some heart-fucking-breaking video of a band of morons breaking the windows at Greater Boston Legal Services after the Celtics NBA Championship last week. GBLS has a truly honorable mission to provide legal representation to low-income people.

The video made me weep at my desk. Now, while I am a very sensitive girl (my brothers can stop snickering NOW,) my tears were tears of rage. WTF people? There has been a suggestion that the Celtics donate something to help with repairs, and that doesn't seem unreasonable (given that they auctioned off, for charity, a sweaty, Gatorade drenched shirt for $55,000) but this stupidity isn't their fault.

Please donate to Greater Boston Legal Services who need help every day, but this was just beyond the pale. Even for sporting idiots.

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mushroommeadows said...

I like the piece you did in your previous post. :) How about calling it "purple rain" (oh wait...that sounds familiar)? Or "beautiful gloom" or "purple showers"? hm.. :)