Thursday, July 31, 2008

Updated iPhone, Made a Necklace

It was a thrilling day. Yes, I added Shazam. No I haven't added anything else because I'm too tired to read the reviews and don't want to screw up the phone.

Finished the first season of Mad Men tonight, now have to watch the episode we missed on Sunday and I'll be good to go. That was a whole lot of ad weasels in the course of one week. I may need an extra bath.

I made a new pendant last night. It will go up on Etsy tomorrow.
The Love Pendant.

Oh yeah, and Manny got traded to the LA Dodgers. Bummer.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vote for the 11 Year Old!

My friend (and neighbor) Carla's daughter Leah has entered a handbag design competition for Coach. Would you please take a peek and vote to give an 11-year old budding artist her first win? That would be awesomely awesome, or as my friend Janet would say - a mitzvah. You probably need one anyway.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Etsy and the Happy

I was a little snappy when I was being badgered into setting up an Etsy shop by friends who proclaimed it as the be-all happening place for artisans, crafters and the people who love them (and their crafty things.) All I could hear was blah blah blah community, blah blah blah cool, blah blah blah blah.

How embarrassing (and how bitchy) of me. In little more than a month I have met some awesomely talented people, been commissioned to make something wicked cool (I'll be posting progress here) and become connected to a group of people who share similar passions; and that is actually cool (not blah blah blah at all.)

Must try to be less more judgmental surly bitchy snappy open to new thingies. There will be no progress posts on that topic.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Spoonful of Awesome

My friend Pete brought me a nifty gifty yesterday; three spoons of coin silver. He thought they might be useful in my jewelry making. I am in love with the shape and texture and everything about them. I am truly grateful for items of inspiration! Pete is a woodworking artist (and ┼▒ber-copywriter genius) so I'm going to find a creative challenge item for him to incorporate into one of his amazing pieces. Check out his Assbackwoods creations HERE.

One of the spoons cleaned up BEAUTIFULLY!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh No Kind of Day

Thanks to the fine folks at Plaid I have a shirt that can serve as a warning on certain days. 

Today is one of them.

Back off universe, I am so not joking.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mad About Mad Men

Tommy is looking forward to the next season of Mad Men bowing on AMC this Sunday night, so I bought the complete first season (in an awesome lighter-shaped tin box) pretty cheap on Amazon. I didn't watch it when it ran on AMC because a) I work in advertising, b) I work with advertising people and, c) I didn't want to endure more stereotypes (even if they are from the 1950s.)

Well surprise, surprise, surprise - the show is darn good, populated by actors whose work I enjoy from other films and shows, and it is beautifully shot and edited and soundtracked. A few things come to mind when watching Mad Men:



-Rat Bastards

And that's only halfway through the first episode.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Etsy Showcase-O-rama!

I am in the Etsy Showcase for the second time! Free shipping on any item purchased today!

Please visit ~ please gift a friend or loved one with something special. I will be most happy to create something unique at your request. Take a peek HERE!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Plaid Nation: For Those About to Truck

For those about to truck, we salute you. The fine folks at Plaid will begin the Plaid Nation '08 tour in just a little over 48 hours. Mothers, lock up your sheep. All of the madness will be broadcast live on vancam, Twitter and on the Plaid Nation blog from July 21 - August 1st. I have a feeling there could be an APB or two, so check TMZ or Defamer periodically.

When the Plaid Van rolled into Boston last year, I had the genuine pleasure to meet Big Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger and Darryl Ohrt of Brand Flakes for Breakfast. (Darryl also joined in the madness at Blogger Social in April, so he's having an awesome run of fun in 2008.)

In addition to the fun of meeting cool, smart, talented peeps (whose blogs I actually read) I got to be on the Plaid Nation webcam. I got to be on the webcam at the exact moment that my friend Paul McEnany in Dallas tuned in on the web. The exact moment that I actually fell out of the van. On webcam.

You can't write this stuff.

So I was super excited to return to the office today (not) and find a package (yes!) from the kids at Plaid with this year's tour shirt. It's minty green and awesome.

Check out my new motel-stylie keychain. Yeah, I'm thinking it complements the Audi key in just the right way.
And just so they know I'm thinking about them - this is the cocktail napkin from my trip to the van last year. It was in my scrapbook taped to my cubicle wall work enclosure.

Godspeed my friends, I'll be laying bets on who falls out of the van first.

And anyone who picks this as their tour theme song totally needs some karma, so send them some good thoughts.

And yeah, that's a little Plaid love in the new banner.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Interview With a Madman: Scott Parkin

I have written about genius Scott Parkin, but was delighted to have the chance to interview him by phone a couple of weeks ago. (When I say interview, I mean laughed my ass off for an entire hour and occasionally guffawed out a carefully prepared question.)

While I did prep some actual interview questions in advance, they were quickly thrown out the window when the improv started to roll.

I started with a simple question "where were your born?" I learned Scott was born and raised in Sacramento, California 46 years ago.

Then Scott asked me a question: "How many conservatives does it take to screw in a light bulb?" I replied "I don't know." Came the answer "Why do you hate America?"

Then I spilled my tea and had to leave the room for a moment. That's pretty much how it went for the hour we spoke.

All right, serious interviewing now.

Me: Tell me about your background. How did you come to acting?

Scott: I was always outgoing. I got started in the third grade playing an Israelite. After that it was the standard route; class clown, gifted English. I got sent to the drama teacher with note that said Starbuck? We were doing (Richard Nash's play) The Rainmaker, so I auditioned. I also did the Crucible. I was kind of a jock, but the drama class girls were wild and the teacher was young.

My dad was funny, and at my house if you wanted to get your piece in at dinner, you had to tell a story. Later my Sierra College drama teacher, Michael Hunter, introduced me to Improv in a big way.

I started in radio at age 21, worked in Tulsa and did improv in Dallas. I lived life and had fun.

Me: Who are your comedy heroes?

Scott: John Cleese, Jonathan Winters, Andy Kaufman, Chevy Chase (in Fletch/Christmas vacation years)

Me: Tell me everything about the Nolaf experience.

Scott: I got be a real jerk in the audition. They auditioned something like 500 actors. The director set up the audition with this; "This is an institute where they try to stamp out fun” and then they asked me for the names of some graduates. I tossed out Clarabel Clown and Ricky Stalin. I got to be a real uptight tool and I channeled every idiot I could think of.

They asked me for some names of inventions from Nolaf, I told them they include the following:

Farnsworth Puppy Kicker
Menthol Catheter
Pogo stump
Anger melon
Rusty Duvet

The team that put Nolaf together was amazing. Element 79 was great. Mekanism was great. The client was really great. The director, Tommy Means, gave me so much freedom. It was written so well, and the crew was so supportive and funny and smart that it was easy to go "way the hell out there" with the character. (A small prayer that the many of the outtakes never see the light of day until I'm to senile to care...)

This is the most fun I've ever had on a shoot. Right for me and right for them, and I am so proud of it.

Me: Well I have to tell you, the link to Nolaf was emailed or Twittered to me at least half a dozen times over two days and it was totally worth the time to take the Nolaf adventure. Do people recognize you from Nolaf?

Scott: No, not for Nolaf - I gained weight and had a comb-over for the role, so it's okay! It's really flattering that people liked it enough to email it around.

Me: What else are you working on? Where else can we get the "Scott Parkin Experience"?

Scott: I did a bunch of work for Sobe Life Water's Thrillicious. I'm the voice of a lizard (Donny.) I'm very happy about the work. This Internet (series of tubes) may take off yet.

Check out the newest episode:

Scott: I did a Honda Pilot commercial that's running right now. Naked balloonists. I think they were method nudists or Methodist nudists or method balloonists. They were naked and old. Things that don't work together, like tequila and waffles - ya know?

Me: What else is happening in your world?

Scott: My friend of 25 years, Ed Yeager has a new show coming on CBS this fall (Wednesdays at 8:30pm) called Project Gary (*update!) Gary Unmarried. It's kind of loosely based on me. We did improv in Dallas together and have remained best friends through all kinds of stuff. He did the toast at my wedding and his wife Linda decorated my one room guest house when my wife asked me to stop being married.

He has watched me stumble forward though being a single dad, to dating again and figuring out how to keep a girlfriend and try and be a dad.

Hanging out with Ed is great and watching the show come together is surreal and amazing. I was psyched and fearful. It was intimidating going into a room full of people who are exceptional seasoned TV and feature writers, but I am finding my way and beginning to get some stuff in the scripts and learn the process a little bit as we go forward.

Jay Mohr is hilarious and absolutely nails it and is so fun to watch. Jaime King and Paula Marshall are hilarious as the girlfriend and the ex-wife. It is all so new for me but even the jaded people are excited about this one.

Me: What's up next for you?

Scott: Surfing, camping, writing. Hanging out with my daughter, the most amazing 8 year old on the planet. Voiceover work is going well and I still get enough on-camera commercials to keep my headshots and drive all over and audition. When I do get stuff it is often people (agencies or directors) that I have worked with before so that makes it very loose and creative. We get to know what each other can do and that makes it easy to work. The last 3 auditions someone in the room has mentioned NOLAF which is so so kool. I'm gonna swing for the fence and try my hardest. It's intimidating, but ridiculously fun.

Me: Thanks Scott!

Scott: You are welcome Magno.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's Etsy Showcase Day!

Yowza wowza! Moda di Magno is on the Etsy showcase on Friday, July 11th!

Go check it out HERE! Make any purchase on Friday, July 11th and receive free shipping and a special surprise! Go visit!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Still Overwhelmed

In a word, crazed.

Scott Parkin, I'm writing about you in between ridiculous thingies. Watch your email.

One aside, NikeID rocks. ROCKS! Wearing my new sneaks tomorrow. Howls of derision about my pink sneakers shall be punished accordingly. ACCORDINGLY.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Joe Buck Will RUIN My Weekend

The fine gals of Babes Love Baseball took the words right out of the bees in my brain.

I hate Joe Buck and the Fox idiots, and the Stankees are playing the Sox this weekend and idiot boy is calling the game. Suck.

I enjoyed their take and choked back rage listening to the poofy-haired wonder's interview.

Read the post and rage along with me.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Stylish Jumpsuit Capris - OMFG!

I'm swamped in preparation for the Independence Day weekend, but I took a moment for a little search term mania. (I have a big *overdue* post coming this weekend about the awesomely talented Scott Parkin, but amuse yourself with this until the weekend.) Here are some things people searched for and found their way to the Moda di Magno blog:

Botox platinum member (I don't even want to know what that means)

Dos Magnos Tequila (A Magno tequila? That would be awesome if it existed.)

Breaking Bad (Awesome! I love this show and was thrilled to see AMC order season 2.)

Prostitutes tokyo blogs recommendation (I'm dumbstruck at the thought)

Moda boobs pictures (Wah???)

Clunk click every trip chastity belt (*shudders*)

Impertinent question etiquette (I LOVE that question!)

What type of tuxedo goes best with belle yellow gown (Yikes. Hard to say...)

The aforementioned "Stylish jumpsuit capris" (There is no such thing - Fug Girls, please be on alert!)

And my favorite: Anne Coulter is a crack whore. (She must made another bitchtastic statement because there were a lot of folks searching on that phrase.)

Have a safe and happy 4th of July. Please wear sunscreen and balance your alcohol intake with food and water. And don't blow your fingers off.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Totally Stolen from Drew McLellan

My dear friend in Des Moines Drew McLellan (hi Suzy!) wrote a post yesterday entitled "You Have Six Months Left" which was a real sit up and take notice title.

Here it is in its entirety, with tweaks in RED from me:

It's July 1st.

Officially, you have burned the first half of '08. Maybe it's time to dust off your LIFE plan (you do have one, don't you?) and see how you're doing.

What's working better than you expected?

What's not performing and needs a tweak?

What have you neglected and need to tend to?

What haven't you started that you meant to get going?

You've got six months left in the year. What one thing could you
do/fix/start/stop that would have the most impact on your LIFE?

Could you get started on it today?

That title (and text) hit me like a ton of bricks, so I think I'll spend a bit of time reassessing priorities over the next few days. Thanks Drew.