Friday, July 18, 2008

Plaid Nation: For Those About to Truck

For those about to truck, we salute you. The fine folks at Plaid will begin the Plaid Nation '08 tour in just a little over 48 hours. Mothers, lock up your sheep. All of the madness will be broadcast live on vancam, Twitter and on the Plaid Nation blog from July 21 - August 1st. I have a feeling there could be an APB or two, so check TMZ or Defamer periodically.

When the Plaid Van rolled into Boston last year, I had the genuine pleasure to meet Big Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger and Darryl Ohrt of Brand Flakes for Breakfast. (Darryl also joined in the madness at Blogger Social in April, so he's having an awesome run of fun in 2008.)

In addition to the fun of meeting cool, smart, talented peeps (whose blogs I actually read) I got to be on the Plaid Nation webcam. I got to be on the webcam at the exact moment that my friend Paul McEnany in Dallas tuned in on the web. The exact moment that I actually fell out of the van. On webcam.

You can't write this stuff.

So I was super excited to return to the office today (not) and find a package (yes!) from the kids at Plaid with this year's tour shirt. It's minty green and awesome.

Check out my new motel-stylie keychain. Yeah, I'm thinking it complements the Audi key in just the right way.
And just so they know I'm thinking about them - this is the cocktail napkin from my trip to the van last year. It was in my scrapbook taped to my cubicle wall work enclosure.

Godspeed my friends, I'll be laying bets on who falls out of the van first.

And anyone who picks this as their tour theme song totally needs some karma, so send them some good thoughts.

And yeah, that's a little Plaid love in the new banner.

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Make the logo bigger said...

Pretty sure the border guards won’t stop us.

Well, almost pretty sure.