Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Stylish Jumpsuit Capris - OMFG!

I'm swamped in preparation for the Independence Day weekend, but I took a moment for a little search term mania. (I have a big *overdue* post coming this weekend about the awesomely talented Scott Parkin, but amuse yourself with this until the weekend.) Here are some things people searched for and found their way to the Moda di Magno blog:

Botox platinum member (I don't even want to know what that means)

Dos Magnos Tequila (A Magno tequila? That would be awesome if it existed.)

Breaking Bad (Awesome! I love this show and was thrilled to see AMC order season 2.)

Prostitutes tokyo blogs recommendation (I'm dumbstruck at the thought)

Moda boobs pictures (Wah???)

Clunk click every trip chastity belt (*shudders*)

Impertinent question etiquette (I LOVE that question!)

What type of tuxedo goes best with belle yellow gown (Yikes. Hard to say...)

The aforementioned "Stylish jumpsuit capris" (There is no such thing - Fug Girls, please be on alert!)

And my favorite: Anne Coulter is a crack whore. (She must made another bitchtastic statement because there were a lot of folks searching on that phrase.)

Have a safe and happy 4th of July. Please wear sunscreen and balance your alcohol intake with food and water. And don't blow your fingers off.

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