Friday, August 29, 2008

Are You F*ing Kidding Me? He Picked Who?

The maverickish John McCain after a vigorous(ish) vetting and selection process has selected the purportedly equally maverickish Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska as his Vice Presidential running mate. And the world said "WTF?" Many of the women of the world said "Really, this was the absolute tip top best you could do?"

Joan Venocchi of the Boston Globe wrote a piece called A Question of Judgment that managed to encapsulate some of my feelings (though mine involve a lot of swears, and hers are much more mature than mine.)

With regard to the question of whether the selection of Ms. Palin will attract the "disaffected Hillary voters" one of my favorite US Representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a great answer: "Women don't vote for a candidate based on their parts." (Love that!) You are correct Debbie! The fact that the McCain campaign chose to recognize Hillary, Hillary and Geraldine Ferraro and "18 million cracks in the glass ceiling" as part of the "Sarah Opening Ceremonies" made me gag. The raw cynicism, the gall, the nerve. Um, the outright balls.

I worked for the first female governor of Massachusetts, Jane Swift - a Republican, though I am decidedly not, and she is tough, smart and experienced. She went through her trials and tribulations, some made worse by her own (and her staff's) inexperience, but starting as a state Senator (the youngest woman ever elected to the Massachusetts Senate,) through her time as Lieutenant Governor (giving birth to her first child just days after the election) and succeeding Governor Cellucci (after he became Ambassador to Canada) on up to the terrible events of 9/11 and beyond - she is a capable leader.

Miss Wasilla 1984? Not so much.

I'm not going to harp on her hairstyle or her clothes or her Tiny Feyish face - I've already lived that game with Jane, I'm going to harp on the right-wing philosophies; the desire to absolutely outlaw abortion at any time for any reason including rape and incest - but totally for the death penalty! Doesn't know a lot about the Iraq war despite the fact that her 18 year old son is shipping out to Iraq this month. Perhaps a glimmer of concern will arise? The Huffington Post has a boatload of information and commentary on Governor Palin.

Please know I'm not dismissing her because she is a young woman - and McCain is old enough to be her father and all the photos of them and the families make him look even more grandpa than he is. The Politico has a great blurb on the Six Things the Palin pick says about McCain. I agree with all six.

I can't wait for the debate between Joe Biden and the hockey mom. (And I'm not picking on hockey moms either!)

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