Friday, August 01, 2008

Late; Later - lately that's all I get from the "T"

LATE LATE LATE. Delayed. Cancelled. All terms that apply to many a Bostonian's commute on the MBTA system. Bus, boat, subway, commuter rail or silver line (which, hello, is a BUS) everyone has had the delay story from the MBTA. This one is my personal favorite (drop down to the third photo & story.) I've started a Flickr Group called "mbta-lateagain" as a place for peeps to put their MBTA delay photos and comments. I'm leaving the comments open should the MBTA want to respond.

The odd thing for me is I gave up my monthly pass last fall when I began commuting with a co-worker that must drive in (I'm happy to be the carpool lane dummy) so I may ride only 3 or 4 times a month - but damn if they aren't delayed every time I ride.

So last night I arrive in time for the 6:25 only to have the sign say "Late 10 min" and then the sign changed to say "Late 15 min" with no announcement and North Station was left to ponder "15 minutes from now, or 15 minutes from 6:25?" GAH!

****UPDATED - I forgot the best part; Screamy blonde conductor lady had a total freak out about which doors would open at West Medford. Twice. And then she didn't come back to take tickets. So I'll forgive the T just this once since it didn't cost me $4.25 to be delayed and then crammed into the "Smelly Tube of Late©".


Alan Wolk said...

Ha! The MBTA must be friends with New Jersey Transit. Leaves on the track is a big one for delays.

I compare it to the Island of Sodor (home of Thomas The Tank Engine.)

Thomas is forever getting stuck in a tunnel and one of the other engines has to come pull him out and the passengers are cross and Sir Topham Hatt who owns the railway "speaks with him severely." (It's a British show, they speak like that.)

Only no one at NJ Transit ever speaks with the trains severely. They shrug their shoulders and disappear from view, so that the resulting scrambles for the one late-departing train resemble those scenes of the last helicopter out of Saigon.

Moda di Magno said...

Alan, I think all of our transit weenies are in a big cartel of incompetence, waste and stupidity.

I think the voice of Sir Topham Hatt might bring an air of authority to the whole station thing though as that may be what it is lacking - feeling like someone, ANYONE has a clue about the operation of the system.

I won't hold my breath.

Matt said...

On the Green D Line the new problem is with the increased ridership because of the rising gas prices the trains are completely packed. I usually have to wait for two or more trains to pass before there is space for me to get on.

It would be nice for the T to add additional trains with the increased ridership. I am totally not going to enjoy the day when all the students return.

Moda di Magno said...

Matt, you make a very point about the increased ridership. Perhaps I shall alert the MBTA to the fact that the students will return again. I would not be surprised if they were unaware. They still seem to be surprised that extra people ride on the nights there are games at Fenway.