Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Stupid, Stupid War (Inconsolable)

In 2006 many Bostonians learned about Rakan Hassan from the Boston Globe's Kevin Cullen through a series of stories and photos essays. In January 2005, Rakan was shot and paralyzed, and his parents killed when their car was hit by gunfire from a U.S. Army patrol in Iraq. The story of the miracle of kindness that brought him to Boston for medical treatment originally brought tears of joy to my eyes. The boy was going to receive the care required to restore (hopefully) his ability to walk. Senator Ted Kennedy and Ray Tye - opposite ends of the political spectrum joined forces to bring Rakan to Boston. My physician, Larry Ronan, was going to oversee his care. There was hope. After many months of treatment Rakan returned home to Iraq.

Today's story about Rakan has brought me to tears again, but for every wrong, stupid, stupid, stupid reason. Rakan is gone. Another life, gone - and for what? Every life lost, every person damaged physically or mentally is wrong. Every family member who struggles with worry about the safety of their loved ones serving overseas or has family living in the war zone should be counted as a victim of this war. And the doctors and nurses and therapists who make miracles happen should be counted too. To everyone who helped Rakan, to the Cullen family, to Dr. Ronan and staff, I'm sorry. I am so very sorry.

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