Monday, September 29, 2008

MBTA/MBCR: This will require a blog post


This is the sign that greeted me this morning when I arrived at the Wedgemere station:

Let's break it down - shall we?

- Where is the date of this notice? (i.e. What date was it posted?)
- "Due to scheduled work" When is this work scheduled? Month/Day/Time(s)
- "All passengers are to board on the OTHER platform" What other platform is that? The outbound platform?
- Contact information for questions? Nope.
- Anticipated length of track work? Nope.
- Description of track work? Nope.

"We apologize for any inconvenience" Oh really?

Despite the train being late (feigns shock here) it did arrive on its normally scheduled INBOUND platform side. When the conductor stepped off I asked him what he knew about the sign and he just shook his head (trying not to chuckle) and suggested I speak to customer service at North Station. Feeling up for a challenge, I did stop by customer service and spoke to a nice young woman who asked me to forward the photograph so she could send it to her supervisor. I left my business card too in case they want to respond.

I'm sure it will all be resolved ever so soon.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thoughts on the First Presidential Debate

Three thoughts from the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.

1. McCain knows the average height of both the North and South Korean people, but not the number of homes he owns.

2. Obama made an effort to be collegial and pleasant while McCain smirked, snorted, laughed and attempted to demean.

3. Scott Parkin could totally play McCain in the television movie called Meltdown: The John McCain Story.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Um, and World Peace?

I am as completely at a loss for words as Sarah Palin is in this interview clip with Katie Couric. A heartbeat away from the job known as President of the United States of America. PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (Lather, rinse, repeat until it is absolutely clear what that phrase means.) President. Of the United States of America. Your country. My country. A country in dire straights and requiring the finest minds and hearts and souls that are willing to serve her and steer the ship back on course. Ms. Palin couldn't navigate an interview with Katie Couric, how is she going to navigate Vladimir "pooty poot" Putin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong-il??? This is not a pageant, a Tupperware party or a PTA meeting - this is serious.

Compare and contrast for yourselves:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What I'm Watching (Tonight)

CBS will debut Gary Unmarried tonight at 8:30pm (EST) after the New Adventures of Old Christine. I am excited about the Gary premiere - it's got a great cast (including Jay Mohr, Paula Marshall, Jaime King and Ed Begley, Jr.) and the person who serves as the inspiration (I'm not sure if that is the right word, but I'm using it anyway) is my new favorite Scott Parkin. Every time I see a commercial for Gary Unmarried (and then Scott's Honda Pilot spot) I'm toast. I need a gut laugh about now and I'm laying my chips on this one. Oh yeah, Scott sells the chips too. Awesomeness. Anyway, I won't be accepting calls after 8pm tonight, so leave a message and I'll get back to you.

Note to CBS: Hello it's 2008 people! No ability to embed video from your site, mini site for Gary is blah. Print ads for television shows are not going to cut it folks. NBC has a firm grasp on social media, go check them out and fix your mess. Now would be a good time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

There IS Hope

While having pizza at Bertucci's in Woburn tonight there was a table of four ladies in their "mid to late" 40s having a girls night out discussion about EVERYTHING and having said discussion at a blistering, non-stop, nobody-takes-a-breath pace. Everything from the kids, the hubs, the jobs, the mall, the sales, the soaps and finally politics.

Man these girls took apart each of the candidates and put them back together again and isolated the big issues for moms of a certain age:

1. "Omigod there are kids still dying in a war. That is so wrong." "No, it has to stop." "Yes, it has to stop." "What's happening to my retirement? Fuck, I don't even know."

2. Sarah Palin only had one out of four actively considering her - the rest didn't like her at all ("She's no Hillary - that's who I wanted" was one response.)

3. They are waiting for the VP debate more than any of the presidential debates. "Biden is hot". "Hot? What are you saying hot?" (I was totally having a seizure trying to not laugh during that section.)

4. "Obama is a good looking man." "I think he's very smart - that is kinda more important don't you think?" "Yes, but he may as well be nice looking too."

5. "McCain is like a grumpy old man talking nonsense down to us. I'm sick of it." "He's making stuff up, and thinking we won't have videotape!"

I managed to stifle my guffaws during the the bulk of the conversation, but I was fascinated by the instant focus group. The marketer inside me was DYING to ask them questions, but I returned to conversation with my Aunt and her husband.

There is hope, those gals were the middle-America/white women/hockey moms that people are wondering about. They were unencumbered by spouses and children and shared their opinions with each other completely open and honestly. And I got to listen in.

Thanks America, I'm feeling a little better now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Sea of Thingies Keeping Me Busy

And I'm not the only one - read on!

Work is beyond-the-pale busy. I have no control over that - the advertising business is always a sea of madness - even on Mad Men. But I will be featured on the Etsy showcase tomorrow, which is awesomely awesome. October must be a big season for anniversaries and/or "OhmyGodmywifesbirthdayistomorrow" (as it has been repeated several times in the last week.) So I've been doing some work to help friends stay married. Perhaps some of you would like to treat yourself? I think you should.

The divine Ann Handley of Marketing Profs wrote a post on her personal Annarchy blog about the teenage son unit residing in and/or dominating her home that made me spit tea onto my keyboard (while I was eating lunch at my desk, grrrr.) Those of you with teenagers may have a different appreciation for her piece, but I totally loved it. It's perfect that the letter "A" is now sticking on my keyboard. Give yourself another treat - you deserve it.

Speaking of a sea of thingies - Iowa blogger Mike Sansone is throwing down "Garage Sale 2.0" starting tomorrow. Post-divorce, Mike is starting fresh and clearing out the craaaaffffft stuff, and doing it in a big way. You'll be able to bid via Twitter, check out some of the goods on YouTube and he'll be streaming live on UStream.

Garage Sale 2.0 video preview ~ a chuckle or two ("I'm a 60" indeed.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Congratulations Jason Lewis!

Congratulations Jason Lewis! The hometown candidate (and my neighbor) to fill Paul Casey's seat handily won the democratic primary over Democrat-convert Mike Rotondi (credit given for the awesome number in Stoneham.) Jason, I loved getting a voicemail from a campaign volunteer reminding me to vote today. Note to all other candidates - I HATE ROBOCALLS.

Now onward to election day!

Busy Busy Busy: New Work

Crazy busy. Unable to form sentences. Not even Twitter-style sentences. Here are some new things in lieu of words:

Jody's Pendant - Micky & Jake are her boys. Fine silver on French Cotton cord.

One for me - Lori Pendant. Fine silver on Sterling ball chain.

Little Letters pendant. Custom letters of fine silver, handmade and hand finished on Sterling Venetian box chain.

Another one for me. A family bracelet. Lori+Tom+Badcat+T-Bone. This is the front.

Happy designs on the back.

I will return to words and important things tomorrow.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Gina Gershon Sets the Record Straight

Funny or Die brings us the most recent response to the McCain campaign. You'll recall only a few weeks ago they allowed the contemplative Paris Hilton to announce her candidacy and energy plan, this time Gina Gershon channels Sarah Palin and OMG, she nails it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Did it for The Kids

So for the past several weeks I've been working with a team of awesome people to help the Matt Light Celebrity Shootout event happen in an awesome and fabulous way. Okay, I'm a girl so I'm guessing the 200+ men who came shoot clay targets, ride ATVs and fly fish wouldn't use "fabulous" in connection with the event. But its my blog, so they can step off. After a rain delay (epic proportion, 5 inches of mud, OMG-will-it-ever-stop rain) the whole day went quite well. I think everyone who participated had a great time while raising money for a worthy cause.

Matt & his wife Suzie (and lots of family and friends) work very hard on the event all year. The Light Foundation raises funds for college scholarships, youth leadership training, life saving medical equipment and donation requests that will impact the lives of kids.

L-R: Matt Light, Mark Levoir, station scorekeeper, Dan Connolly.

I spent part of my day welcoming folks to the event with a band of amazing and wonderful people including Joanna, Janet, Peter, Sandra, Faarzein, Jerry, Cheryl, Jeff, Judy and a special gal (as dubbed by Madam Cheryl) "Ball of Fire." After a divine lunch catered by the gracious Capital Grille (and staffed by several peeps from my favorite Burlington, MA location) I was the driver/escort for a celebrity, the delightful (and giant) Dan Connolly who plays in the guard position for the New England Patriots. I felt bad (briefly) when I was introduced to Dan because after we were introduced I asked "What do you do?" Dan was so polite (and quiet) he smiled and said "I play football." I asked if he played for the Patriots and he politely said "Yes."

Note to self: You are gigantic idiot.

I wanted to break the ice and I think I made him feel bad - but he was a total doll and said "I'm new to the team - so you wouldn't know me." Later he explained football and the guard position so I could speak knowledgeably on the blog. Please note, I'm not explaining anything because I would still sound like an idiot.

So anyway... After a day of clay target shooting (think skeet shooting) we returned to the tent for dinner and and entertainment. I'd seen a group of attractive young women at the event and the utter judgmental bitchbag thought "They brought the cheerleaders?"

Note to self: Didn't we recently write a post about trying to be less judgmental? FAIL. Must try to be less of a bitch bag, perhaps that is achievable?

Anyway, the ladies below are Boston group (and Motown/Universal recording artists) Jada. And Jada rocked the f*ing house. And I don't mean a little. They opened with a sassy a cappella number (as if to say yeah, we can sing judgmental bitch in the front row.) And then knocked me for a loop with I'm that Chick (which totally should have been Hillary's song.) Visit their MySpace page and take a listen.

L-R: In between the guys I called the Middlesex Musket Men are Elle Wine, April Forrest, Jacyn Tremblay & Lauren O'Keefe. Did I mention they ROCK? Yeah, they do.

You should contact Laura Poulin to book this group. Fast - while you can still get them.

Onto everyone's nightmare scenario: a co-worker with a shotgun. One of my creative collaborators and all around awesome dude, Joe takes aim on one of the more difficult targets. No targets were harmed in the making of this photograph.

The always divine Lenny Clarke emceed dinner and the live auction. There can be no better way to drive the bidding up then to tell everyone in the room to SHUT UP or he would consider your moving lips to be bidding. And then he might call you a cheap fuck and remind you it's for the kids, you bastards.

Some of the fine folks from The Capital Grille in Burlington, MA. Unless you have had the lobster macaroni & cheese you have not dined. And I feel bad for you. This is Christian, executive chef of the Burlington location. He can carve my roast any time. As a matter of fact I'll be in soon!

Anyway, one ruined pair of sneakers, one ruined "hairstyle" and lots of layers of wet clothes later - the event raised a bunch of money that will help kids. I bonded with fabulous co-workers who volunteered their day and met a bunch of people fully in the "gem" column. Now where is the oxy clean? Mama needs to soak her tennies.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"It Wasn't By Accident"

While watching MSNBC this morning there were several new polls released, one showing that McCain has taken the lead among white women (despite the fact that McCain & Palin would be wicked bad for women's interests...)

Me: "Whaaa?"

Tom: "We never should have given them the right to vote! Stupid women!"

Me: "Aren't you glad you married a smart woman?"

Tom: "It wasn't by accident."

Me: "I'm so blogging that."

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Meet Danielle: Awesome Person of the Day

This is Danielle Herreid and she was my waitress today at the Ri Ra Pub in Providence, Rhode Island. I have a co-worker that has the same exact color hair, and Danielle was as charming and funny and awesome as my friend Kim.

Danielle's hair is nuclear pink for a reason; in just one week she will shave her head for charity - specifically the St. Baldricks Foundation, which raises funds for childhood cancer research. She figured since her hair was going to be shaved anyway, why not live it up as Pinky Tuscadero for a couple of weeks. I made a donation in person - and she is nearly halfway to her goal of $1000, but could you spare a few bucks and donate to a nice person who is shaving her head to help fight childhood cancer?

Click here to help sponsor Danielle's action of awesome kindness.

Thank you!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Continuing Coverage of the RNC Thingy *YAWN*

Hero. USA.

Mother is 96 years old (Roberta is awesome. Remember what she said about Romney & the Olympics mess on Chris Matthews?)

POW. Hero. USA.


Sarah Palin has no qualifications for the role of Vice President, but she could give speech and communication/connection lessons to her running mate.

John McCain was stone cold awful last night. Bad. Off his game. Without connection to the delegates, veterans or Code Pink ladies.


Best McCain line of the night: "Sarah Palin has worked with her hands and nose."

Thanks for the memories.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

RNC 2008 - Continuing Coverage of the Same Things!

A guest post (surprise!) via comment by Jetpacks:


Hockey Mom!


Down Syndrome!


Community Organizer?


Tough Talk - Straight Talk!


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Genius at Home

Have you seen the new Travel category at You haven't? Then get a dash of inspiration and get thee to the site! Or find him at Wonderful Machine (click the Boston tab.) Your eyes will thank you, I promise.

Copyright Thomas Magno Photography

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RNC 2008 - Full Coverage

Johnny B. Good
OMG - FRED THOMPSON. (coughing a lot.)
Obama bad. Inexperienced. Sarah Palin good, executive experience.
War Hero!
Joe Lieberman. Poor Hadassah sitting near the lady that looks like a vampire with a cast.
Obama just uses talky words. Sarah Palin near experienced.
War Hero! Maverick!

This concludes coverage of the RNC 2008

Monday, September 01, 2008

Badassery, Now Available

Complaint meet response. Dudes want man gems, so here they are. Go get 'em.