Friday, September 05, 2008

Continuing Coverage of the RNC Thingy *YAWN*

Hero. USA.

Mother is 96 years old (Roberta is awesome. Remember what she said about Romney & the Olympics mess on Chris Matthews?)

POW. Hero. USA.


Sarah Palin has no qualifications for the role of Vice President, but she could give speech and communication/connection lessons to her running mate.

John McCain was stone cold awful last night. Bad. Off his game. Without connection to the delegates, veterans or Code Pink ladies.


Best McCain line of the night: "Sarah Palin has worked with her hands and nose."

Thanks for the memories.


Douglas Karr said...

What are the qualifications for Vice President? How does she not meet them?

Better yet, what are the qualification for President and how does Obama meet them?

Typical partisan reaction. Yawn. ;)

Moda di Magno said...

Bummer, it makes me sad when smart people ask silly questions that are seriously (as my late father might have said "severely") obvious.