Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Did it for The Kids

So for the past several weeks I've been working with a team of awesome people to help the Matt Light Celebrity Shootout event happen in an awesome and fabulous way. Okay, I'm a girl so I'm guessing the 200+ men who came shoot clay targets, ride ATVs and fly fish wouldn't use "fabulous" in connection with the event. But its my blog, so they can step off. After a rain delay (epic proportion, 5 inches of mud, OMG-will-it-ever-stop rain) the whole day went quite well. I think everyone who participated had a great time while raising money for a worthy cause.

Matt & his wife Suzie (and lots of family and friends) work very hard on the event all year. The Light Foundation raises funds for college scholarships, youth leadership training, life saving medical equipment and donation requests that will impact the lives of kids.

L-R: Matt Light, Mark Levoir, station scorekeeper, Dan Connolly.

I spent part of my day welcoming folks to the event with a band of amazing and wonderful people including Joanna, Janet, Peter, Sandra, Faarzein, Jerry, Cheryl, Jeff, Judy and a special gal (as dubbed by Madam Cheryl) "Ball of Fire." After a divine lunch catered by the gracious Capital Grille (and staffed by several peeps from my favorite Burlington, MA location) I was the driver/escort for a celebrity, the delightful (and giant) Dan Connolly who plays in the guard position for the New England Patriots. I felt bad (briefly) when I was introduced to Dan because after we were introduced I asked "What do you do?" Dan was so polite (and quiet) he smiled and said "I play football." I asked if he played for the Patriots and he politely said "Yes."

Note to self: You are gigantic idiot.

I wanted to break the ice and I think I made him feel bad - but he was a total doll and said "I'm new to the team - so you wouldn't know me." Later he explained football and the guard position so I could speak knowledgeably on the blog. Please note, I'm not explaining anything because I would still sound like an idiot.

So anyway... After a day of clay target shooting (think skeet shooting) we returned to the tent for dinner and and entertainment. I'd seen a group of attractive young women at the event and the utter judgmental bitchbag thought "They brought the cheerleaders?"

Note to self: Didn't we recently write a post about trying to be less judgmental? FAIL. Must try to be less of a bitch bag, perhaps that is achievable?

Anyway, the ladies below are Boston group (and Motown/Universal recording artists) Jada. And Jada rocked the f*ing house. And I don't mean a little. They opened with a sassy a cappella number (as if to say yeah, we can sing judgmental bitch in the front row.) And then knocked me for a loop with I'm that Chick (which totally should have been Hillary's song.) Visit their MySpace page and take a listen.

L-R: In between the guys I called the Middlesex Musket Men are Elle Wine, April Forrest, Jacyn Tremblay & Lauren O'Keefe. Did I mention they ROCK? Yeah, they do.

You should contact Laura Poulin to book this group. Fast - while you can still get them.

Onto everyone's nightmare scenario: a co-worker with a shotgun. One of my creative collaborators and all around awesome dude, Joe takes aim on one of the more difficult targets. No targets were harmed in the making of this photograph.

The always divine Lenny Clarke emceed dinner and the live auction. There can be no better way to drive the bidding up then to tell everyone in the room to SHUT UP or he would consider your moving lips to be bidding. And then he might call you a cheap fuck and remind you it's for the kids, you bastards.

Some of the fine folks from The Capital Grille in Burlington, MA. Unless you have had the lobster macaroni & cheese you have not dined. And I feel bad for you. This is Christian, executive chef of the Burlington location. He can carve my roast any time. As a matter of fact I'll be in soon!

Anyway, one ruined pair of sneakers, one ruined "hairstyle" and lots of layers of wet clothes later - the event raised a bunch of money that will help kids. I bonded with fabulous co-workers who volunteered their day and met a bunch of people fully in the "gem" column. Now where is the oxy clean? Mama needs to soak her tennies.

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