Monday, September 29, 2008

MBTA/MBCR: This will require a blog post


This is the sign that greeted me this morning when I arrived at the Wedgemere station:

Let's break it down - shall we?

- Where is the date of this notice? (i.e. What date was it posted?)
- "Due to scheduled work" When is this work scheduled? Month/Day/Time(s)
- "All passengers are to board on the OTHER platform" What other platform is that? The outbound platform?
- Contact information for questions? Nope.
- Anticipated length of track work? Nope.
- Description of track work? Nope.

"We apologize for any inconvenience" Oh really?

Despite the train being late (feigns shock here) it did arrive on its normally scheduled INBOUND platform side. When the conductor stepped off I asked him what he knew about the sign and he just shook his head (trying not to chuckle) and suggested I speak to customer service at North Station. Feeling up for a challenge, I did stop by customer service and spoke to a nice young woman who asked me to forward the photograph so she could send it to her supervisor. I left my business card too in case they want to respond.

I'm sure it will all be resolved ever so soon.


The M Show said...

Nice, I really like how the make it look really half-assed duct taping it to a trash can rather than give up an inch of commercial billboard space three feet away.

Joe C said...

The sign I saw there today specifically says it's 9:00am-4:30pm, so it looks like somebody's fixed it.

Moda di Magno said...

Thanks Joe! I'll check it out and update!

Joe C said...

Or was it 9-4? Gee now I'm doubting myself. Well you'll see soon enough. But in any event it did have specific times now.

Funny that I noticed it as I was looking out the window on my way to the Winchester stop (which also had specific times listed).