Sunday, September 07, 2008

Meet Danielle: Awesome Person of the Day

This is Danielle Herreid and she was my waitress today at the Ri Ra Pub in Providence, Rhode Island. I have a co-worker that has the same exact color hair, and Danielle was as charming and funny and awesome as my friend Kim.

Danielle's hair is nuclear pink for a reason; in just one week she will shave her head for charity - specifically the St. Baldricks Foundation, which raises funds for childhood cancer research. She figured since her hair was going to be shaved anyway, why not live it up as Pinky Tuscadero for a couple of weeks. I made a donation in person - and she is nearly halfway to her goal of $1000, but could you spare a few bucks and donate to a nice person who is shaving her head to help fight childhood cancer?

Click here to help sponsor Danielle's action of awesome kindness.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's my daughter. You're right, she is awesome, just like her dAd!
We are very proud of her. She is working her way thru art school all by herself!
Thanks for the kind words. We donated to her cause by finding the link on your page, thanks!!!
Dani's dAd

Anonymous said...

HA! Hey, that's me! I had no idea how to find your blog until my dad googled my name and told me about it. You're such a sweet heart!

Hope you are in town the day after tomorrow cause it's Saturday and I'M SHAVING MY HEAD. WHOO HOO!!!