Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Sea of Thingies Keeping Me Busy

And I'm not the only one - read on!

Work is beyond-the-pale busy. I have no control over that - the advertising business is always a sea of madness - even on Mad Men. But I will be featured on the Etsy showcase tomorrow, which is awesomely awesome. October must be a big season for anniversaries and/or "OhmyGodmywifesbirthdayistomorrow" (as it has been repeated several times in the last week.) So I've been doing some work to help friends stay married. Perhaps some of you would like to treat yourself? I think you should.

The divine Ann Handley of Marketing Profs wrote a post on her personal Annarchy blog about the teenage son unit residing in and/or dominating her home that made me spit tea onto my keyboard (while I was eating lunch at my desk, grrrr.) Those of you with teenagers may have a different appreciation for her piece, but I totally loved it. It's perfect that the letter "A" is now sticking on my keyboard. Give yourself another treat - you deserve it.

Speaking of a sea of thingies - Iowa blogger Mike Sansone is throwing down "Garage Sale 2.0" starting tomorrow. Post-divorce, Mike is starting fresh and clearing out the craaaaffffft stuff, and doing it in a big way. You'll be able to bid via Twitter, check out some of the goods on YouTube and he'll be streaming live on UStream.

Garage Sale 2.0 video preview ~ a chuckle or two ("I'm a 60" indeed.)

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Ann Handley said...

I just love that craaaaaaaft line! (And Mike's couch potato dog is very cute.) LOL.. what an awesome idea.

Thanks for the Annarchy shout, too!