Monday, September 22, 2008

There IS Hope

While having pizza at Bertucci's in Woburn tonight there was a table of four ladies in their "mid to late" 40s having a girls night out discussion about EVERYTHING and having said discussion at a blistering, non-stop, nobody-takes-a-breath pace. Everything from the kids, the hubs, the jobs, the mall, the sales, the soaps and finally politics.

Man these girls took apart each of the candidates and put them back together again and isolated the big issues for moms of a certain age:

1. "Omigod there are kids still dying in a war. That is so wrong." "No, it has to stop." "Yes, it has to stop." "What's happening to my retirement? Fuck, I don't even know."

2. Sarah Palin only had one out of four actively considering her - the rest didn't like her at all ("She's no Hillary - that's who I wanted" was one response.)

3. They are waiting for the VP debate more than any of the presidential debates. "Biden is hot". "Hot? What are you saying hot?" (I was totally having a seizure trying to not laugh during that section.)

4. "Obama is a good looking man." "I think he's very smart - that is kinda more important don't you think?" "Yes, but he may as well be nice looking too."

5. "McCain is like a grumpy old man talking nonsense down to us. I'm sick of it." "He's making stuff up, and thinking we won't have videotape!"

I managed to stifle my guffaws during the the bulk of the conversation, but I was fascinated by the instant focus group. The marketer inside me was DYING to ask them questions, but I returned to conversation with my Aunt and her husband.

There is hope, those gals were the middle-America/white women/hockey moms that people are wondering about. They were unencumbered by spouses and children and shared their opinions with each other completely open and honestly. And I got to listen in.

Thanks America, I'm feeling a little better now.

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