Monday, October 06, 2008

Really? This is What it's Come To?

William Ayers. Weather Underground. Domestic Terrorist. (The "gay marriage" buzzword for '08) That awful Hasselbeck girl on The View repeating DOMESTIC TERRORIST over and over until Barbara Walters had to stop the madness. (I'd be afraid of Babs' stiletto in my shin if I was Screechy McSillypants.)


The Keating Five. The Keating Five. THE Keating Five.

Just stop please. Pay attention to the real issues, the WAR IN IRAQ. THE ECONOMY. HEALTHCARE FOR ALL. ACCESS TO EDUCATION. (OMG, I'M ALL 'CAP LOCKED')

You betcha. Get ready for tomorrow night's Presidential Candidates Debate.

I would insert the SNL video from this past weekend (Tina Fey as She-Devil Palin) but I can't stomach the voice that cannot, will not form a proper gerund.

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