Friday, October 31, 2008

Regularly Scheduled Programming will Return Soon

I'll be campaigning in New Hampshire for Barack Obama and Joe Biden tomorrow. To be clear, Hillary was my candidate - but I'm looking forward to voting FOR Barack Obama and Joe Biden and not against McCain/Palin. (Though I am very much against what they stand for.)

Answer your own questions about the Obama/Biden team tax cut at the TAXCUT page on the Obama website.

It's time for some positive thinking. Hell, it's time for thinking period. I'm hopeful for a return to civility and sensibility and concern for all.

Silly me, but that's what I'm looking for in my presidential slate. I don't need someone to have a beer with (hello! I work in advertising - plenty of beer there!) I need someone to be the reasonable world moderator and calming influence. I need America to get out of places that don't want us and start to focus on rebuilding this country one brick and one job at a time.

So this will be my final plea for everyone to get off their butts and vote. Even if you aren't voting for my candidates you should exercise your hard fought privilege to vote.  I ask you to think about this country when you go into that voting booth and decide if you want more of the same - war, poverty, crumbling infrastructure, economic collapse, inaccessible health care and more breaks for the richest among us; or something different. To quote Senator McCain, "My fellow prisoners..." From the party that brought you the original plumbers to Joe the Plumber I haven't heard an idea that will bring the urgent change America needs.

So how about some hope, some concern, some thought, kindness and care for others. Tax cuts that will benefit those truly in need and help drive us to a more stable economy. A new focus on alternative energy solutions (and energy conservation in the interim.) Time and attention on education that will elevate the next generation and our country as a whole.

World peace? I don't know about that - but there are worse dreams.

Get thee to the polls on Tuesday and bring a friend.


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