Tuesday, November 04, 2008

As I Predicted!

As I boldly predicted late last night I voted for Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. It took 40 minutes (after 10 minutes of looking for a parking space and hiking to the Lynch School in Winchester, MA.) My election experience courtesy of iPhone:

My actual ballot. Count this!

I voted, got my sticker and am heading for my free Starbucks coffee.

Tommy voted too.

Some downticket love for my neighbor Jason Lewis.

The bake sale table at the Lynch School in Winchester, MA. BEST BANANA BREAD EVER!

Getting close - I have never seen a crowd more in control of itself. The lines at the primary were all of three people deep and there were whiners - no whiners today. A lot of crossed fingers and silent prayers.

The long line now longer after I make the turn. Crowd in good humor, generally surprised at the turnout.

The long line upon arrival. Excitement and buzz in the air. The woman in line behind me tells me that she saw the election supervisor last night who told her that 12% of Winchester residents had voted early - that's more than voted in the primary!

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SimplyDenyse said...

very cool, i plan to vote after work today.