Thursday, November 06, 2008

A New Day Dawns, World Remains Hopeful

I'm still processing the election results of Tuesday. Feeling like a battered person, it is hard to fully let go and believe that hope triumphed over, um - not hope? Foolishness? Continued insanity? It doesn't matter - hope won. A vision for the future won. A president and vice president that the world has welcomed and many Americans seem prepared to stand by and help fix the mess won. They won! By a theft-proof (and still growing) margin. Hallelujah.

Make no mistake, we are in a hole. The economy; whacked. The wars (pick one) must stop. Health care - whoa, where to even begin the assessment let alone fix it. Energy; we are at the crossroads - the right decisions now could lead us to energy independence or send us deeper into the mire. Climate change; likely to move to the bottom of the list in the short term but desperately requires leadership, innovation and investment.

Political discourse has to change. The problems we face cannot be solved by democrats or republicans or independents or greens or any party alone. These groups must work together and keep their focus on the issues. Focus on the issues. FOCUS PEOPLE.

Cut the bullshit and dedicate yourselves to fixing something. No one, not even the most hopeful believes that everything can be solved in one term. It will take many minds, hearts, hands, countries, leaders, workers and the will to change things. Something. Some things. And everyone whose eyes welled at the dream of hope must step up. Plans are being formulated now. Opportunities will present themselves to serve in many ways both large and small. Could you volunteer an hour a week to teach someone to read? To help improve a life or lives in some small way? Stay tuned and visit the official site of the transition team at (special thanks to the always divine Paul McEnany for the turn on.)

I'm going to find something to do to make this country better. I don't know what yet, but I'll let you know when I've figured out how to be useful. I'm guessing there is no Director of Accessory selection in the administration, but perhaps something a little more local will fit the bill. When I find it I'll blog the living hell out of it. It would be so wrong to waste the opportunity so many friends worked for; from voter protection in Florida to campaigning in Missouri and New Hampshire - we worked too hard to squander this opportunity.

In the meantime, enjoy this:

The world rejoiced, but a piece of my world was rejoicing in Times Square. Marketing beauty Christina "CK" Kerley was prowling NYC with her friend Tim (visiting from the UK.) CK updated her Blogger Social crown for great purpose and it landed her (being hugged) and Tim in The Guardian. Nice. 

Pre-election crown madness - yeah baby, we rocked the foam in April. (I was rocking mine over a Red Sox World Champions hat - because what better to wear when you are in NYC?)

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