Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and OMG

So I had a delightful time in Florida with Tom last week. I Twittered the heck out of the sunshine and general Floridaishness of the visit. I didn't mean to mock the universe by sharing photos of the sunshine and the sunbelt's attempt at Christmas decor. I really didn't. But I was punished for it anyway.

So when we walked into the house on Saturday night (just 4 hours late from the flight delays) it smelled like something had burnt. A fuel-ish smell, which was odd given that we have a gas furnace. Badcat was fine (and in fine voice) but there was definitely an odor. Tom scouted and I pressed the readout button on our hallway carbon monoxide detector (there is one mounted on each floor and a plug-in version in the main hallway with a constant readout.) The carbon monixide detector had a reading, a low one (30) but any reading is cause for concern in my book. Thinking that we were having gas furnace trouble Tom started calling 24-hour service numbers from the yellow pages. And FYI, 24-hour service on the Saturday before Christmas just means they have an answering machine and they'll call you back on Monday (if they call you back at all.)

Fortunately, Tommy knows people. Good people. And Roberto Gallinelli of Gallinelli Plumbing in Newton is good people. Tommy called him and after a discussion of the smell and the temperature received a "SHUT IT DOWN" order from Roberto. As in shut off the heating system.

Suck. On one of the coldest nights with a blizzard approaching.

So we warmed the house with the fireplace and put every quilt on the bed and after a quick scan of all available gas heater stock in the area, Robert installed a new gas furnace just in time for Christmas. (Actually, they just finished the final electrical work today.)

So this Christmas our present to each other is a new gas furnace. Which sucks slightly less than the year I got a car cover. Seriously, I unwrapped a car cover. Never mind the part where I leave out the fact that I got a new car in November. That doesn't matter because I opened a CAR COVER on Christmas morning. With no candy, jewelry or even scratch tickets hidden the middle. A car cover. That mistake has not been repeated.

Anyway, it's all good now. We have heat and the cat is fine and it is what it is.

Here are the last few shots from on the camera from Florida and the the first few upon my return to Boston.

Lawn decor in Boca Raton.

The City of Delray Beach.

At Red Reef Park beach.

Beach Dwellers.

A photo from the morning after we arrive back in Boston. We had about 16" of snow. Fluffy, white, ice cold snow. (That later turned to wicked heavy sleeted-upon snow.)

The gas furnace heater. (The former gas furnace heater.) Weathermaker indeed.

Completely unrelated water valve, but I liked the tag.

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