Saturday, January 24, 2009

DOH! Can Someone Check the Internets Phone Book Please?

Um, paging TV Diner. Or paging the producer (who'll no doubt blame the editing staff) but I watched your Winchester special tonight (and it was on screen at Imari when I went to pick up my Pad Thai due to an extreme unwillingness to grocery shop today) and as usual you had Winchester resident and famous bread man Joe Piantedosi present the "Pipin' Hot Spots" in Winchester. To wit:

Billy Costa's voiceover gives a shout out to Azafran at 34 Church Street, Winchester - except that it's not. It's been gone since 2005.

So what? Mistakes are made. 

The problem is Winchester is a small town - and later in the same show your "Cookin' with Costa" (what is with the lack of "g"s at TV Diner?) featured awesome chef Chris Parsons from the divine Catch Restaurant. Catch Restaurant located at 34 Church Street. 

Perhaps giving the address of Catch during the "Cookin' with" segment might have set off a few light bulbs? We watch TV Diner regularly in my house and consider it a valuable resource when dining outside of our usual terrain - so fix this please.


Emily said...

Set 'em straight, Lori! (p.s. now I want to dine out in Winchester this wk!)

Moda di Magno said...

Emily, Catch is sublime, I totally dig Imari and China Sky totally rocks. (We've also got a tiny, brand new Greek cafe and some pizza that's work eating too!)