Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ellie's Family Tree

For a special client I recently had the privilege to create four necklaces from a boodle bag of family gems, vintage beads, genuine antique pressed glass beads, and the most lovely set of antique silver charms (from a set of 60+ year old charm bracelets!) Each of the necklaces contains a stone bird or other creature to further tie the family together. This project made me very happy.

This is Ellie's Family Tree, the first necklace of the quartet and the one that contains the most antique beads. It is the one from which all the others flow.

Ruth's Earthly Delight. A collection of earthy stones - Red Agate, Turquoise and Carnelian mixed with vintage beads, silver charms and a built-in secret. 

The necklace can be worn as one long piece, or by removing the Wagon charm from it's tiny clasp - the necklace can be configured to be worn as a double strand beauty.

Earth & Sky: A melange of blues and greens that represent the peace and tranquility present around us.

Baby's Blues: The necklace created for the youngest member of the family, but still a very grown up piece containing antique silver charms, gorgeous pressed glass beads and other goodies mixed with pinks and blue.

The Squeeze Box.
The Victrola.
The Ladder, the Roller and the Squeeze Box.
The Wagon.

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