Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good Peeps, Good Tweets

In today's f*cked up world, it is a sincere relief to know that I can visit Twitter at any time and gain social media insight, advertising nonsense, political nonsense, weather warnings, fashion trends, hot shopping tips, identify theft news, local news, recipes, Hot Stove gossip, insanity, general bitching, etsy bitching, artisan discussions, most of the cast of pretend MadMen, and flat out (I'm gonna get busted in a meeting one day) laughs. Thanks peeps.

Special thanks to Steve Woodruff for the idea. Thanks to Walter Higgins for a link to the code.

1 comment:

Steve Woodruff said...

The all-at-once visual really is a wonderful reminder, isn't it? What great people we get to network with!