Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life in 3-D

Super Bowl Sunday will be in 3D, so hurry on to get your 3D glasses wherever you can. Sobe Life Water is distributing more than 125 million pairs of glasses at a retailer near you (hurry.)

Crest White Strips is launching "Kiss Me in 3D" on Saturday (with ad spots on Sunday) that by all accounts will provide a bevy of online hotties to blow kisses your way. My company has done this work (though I am not on the account) and I have specifically and repeatedly asked for George Clooney to be made available to me. The team says I have to wait and see like everyone else. So thanking them for the "add to your calendar" function - I've put it on iCal. My glasses are ready.  Come on Clooney.

Sobe Life Water is also on the 3D bandwagon, with a funny spot that features friend of Moda di Magno and Patriots tackle Matt Light. I had no idea he had these kind of dance moves in him. The commercial below is in 2D (check out the HD version at YouTube) but the 3D spot will run during the Super Bowl.

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

3ality Digital shot the joint 3D Dreamworks/SoBe Life Water commercial. Following the Super Bowl the first full episode of a television show shot in digital 3D will air (also made by 3ality.)

NBC's Chuck in 3D? That's going to be super weird. (Check out the promo clip HD version on YouTube.) Freaky.

Ready when you are Clooney...

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