Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day 2009

Party Hat on Boston Common: January 1, 2009

Today I watched the Tournament of Roses Parade, and a note to those of you who have not visited Pasadena, California for the parade - do it. Put it on your bucket list or make a family plan.  Yeah, it's outright dork, but it is also amazing and beautiful in a "how'd they do that?" and "why do they continue?" way. If you have family in SoCal, get them to arrange it. In the same way that I don't ordinarily walk the Freedom Trail in Boston, but I highly recommend it - motivate your team and go see it.  

Tom was dying to take a walk on Boston Common today, and I thought I had convinced him that 8 degrees was too cold for a walk, but no, I hadn't convinced him, so we headed into town and had a late lunch at Legal Seafood in Park Square and then took a walk to the Common to see the ice sculpture. Here it is: "Pipeline" by Don Chapelle of Brilliant Ice.

I'm sure it's got colored lighting and things that make it look even cooler at night, but after I took my gloves off for 30 seconds to operate the camera my pinky fell off. (Almost.) It was so cold with the wind chill that I begged to go home. I had the right boots and coat, but the wrong gloves. I'll be featuring the hat of the day in a sidebar photo soon.

Hope your New Year's Day was filled with cocoa and leftover Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/non-denominational cookies and college football (or crossword puzzles, Monopoly, the New Yorker Magazine, scrapbooking, sewing, napping or inauguration party planning.)

Happy New Year.

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