Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pammy's Necklace

A special request from Pam for a necklace with a name in Greek - one that didn't "look new." Happy to accommodate.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

47 Years Ago Today

47 years ago today my parents were married. This is a photo of them at the alter exchanging vows, but the photos from the hotel before the wedding  are the ones that I cherish more than all others - those pictures tell the story for me. The nerves, the inexperience, the young, young people they were. I love this photo and this is the one I share with you. Dad, I'm not sure that you would have enjoyed the technological revolutions of blogging, tweeting, texting and the rest (complete with family revelations, inappropriate comments and personal stories) but I'd like to think that someone is reading blogs in heaven. Happy 47th Mom. I love you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Engagement Necklace

A special order of a special necklace for a special couple. The engagement necklace is now available on my Etsy site. This one gets unwrapped tomorrow.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Tommy

I spent a lovely evening in Boston with Tom to celebrate his birthday. A visit to the new Mandarin Oriental "M" Bar, a quick stop at the Four Seasons' Bar at Aujourd'hui and then the stop that made the evening truly special - a three cheese pizza at Upper Crust on Charles Street. Tom is smiling because I said "DON'T MOVE - it's Jacques Cousteau!" and snapped the picture. He'll hate me for it later. I don't care - I LOVE it! Happy Birthday Tommy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Organizing Photo Files

I've been trying to organize my photo files over the last few weeks and I came across some Moda di Magno files from a few years ago. I may revive a few of these as I find I really like them still. TBD.

Faceted Lemon Quartz with Sterling Silver sand dollar pendant. (I didn't make the pendant - this was before my silversmithing days.)

Faceted Lemon Quartz with Sterling Silver starfish.

Red Branch Coral with Turquoise donut pendant.

Red Agate Ovals.

Blue Agate three-strand necklace. I'm definitely going to revive this as I recently came across a small stash of these stones.

Raspberry Quartz, Raspberry Jade and Purple Jade. Yummy.

Four tones of Raspberry Jade. Yummier still.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness (Mine)

Things are crazy busy. Work as it is, shall it ever be. Blogger Social - dude, register now so I can reveal all of the awesomeness to come.  But still, the jewelry, it begs to be made. Working on a few items still in design stage, as well as a spectacular ring (to be revealed soon.)

Until then,

A gift for Diana

Shalyn's pendant (with her nickname ShaSha, and the name of the child who gave her the nickname)

King George earrings with Turquoise drops. These are mine.

Caroline's pendant with a sand dollar. Made for Valentine's Day - but the USPS, you did not deliver for me and it has not arrived yet. How could you?

Blogger Social - Hotels for Socialites

Once you've registered for Blogger Social '09 (Boston Edition!) get yourself to one of three SPECTACULAR hotels offering Blogger Socialites awesome deals.

60 School Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02108
Phone: (617) 227-8600

The Omni Parker House is one of Boston's grand hotels located on the edge of the financial district, steps to Boston Common, City Hall, the State House, Historic Faneuil Hall, the North End and waterfront. The Parker House is one of the five oldest continuously operated hotels in the United States. Completely renovated in 2007-2008, it is now one of the newest continuously operated hotels in the US. The hotel has taken great pains to increase the "green" quotient in the hotel while maintaining an extraordinary level of history and detail. Visit Parker's Restaurant where John F. Kennedy asked Jacqueline Bouvier to marry him. Have a piece of the renowned Boston Creme Pie or sip a cocktail at The Last Hurrah - the haunt of many a politician past and present.

15 Arlington Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Phone: (617) 536-5700
1-877-482-5267 (ASK FOR BLOGGER SOCIAL '09 RATE)

The Taj Boston, located at the corner of Arlington and Newbury Streets is formerly known as "the Old Ritz." Bought by the Taj company and renovated in 2007, the Taj has maintained the old elegance of a Boston tradition and infused this fabulous 1927 gem of a hotel with continental vibrance that can be felt from the rooftop event space to the grand ballroom and down to the cozy and utterly charming bar simply known as The Bar. With spectacular views of the Boston Public Garden, the Commonwealth Avenue pedestrian Mall and placed right at the start of the superlative shopping and dining spots on Newbury Street, the Taj has something for everyone. All this and pet friendly - nice!

Harvard Square
One Bennett Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: (617) 864-1200
1-800-882-1818 (ASK FOR BLOGGER SOCIAL '09 RATE

The Charles Hotel is the jewel of Harvard Square. A modern and bright hotel with a staff dedicated to flawless service. A hotel that made a green commitment several years ago, thoughtful attention to detail is noticeable at every turn. Home to the world famous Regatta Bar Jazz Club, the hotel has played host to the preeminent musicians from all over the world. A favorite spot for celebrities, academics and politicos, you never know who you might spot at Henrietta's Table, Jody Adams' Rialto or the darkly delicious Noir Bar. Smack in the middle of Harvard Square shopping, clubs and shops - and a short hop to the Back Bay, Prudential Shops and even more restaurants!

Click on “Book Now” in the bottom left corner of the screen
Click on “Groups” in the bottom center of the screen
Enter the Attendee Code: BLOG0409

Friday, February 13, 2009

Etsy Showcase Day!

I am featured on the Etsy Accessory Showcase today! (Or go right to my page HERE.)

Anyone bloggy or Tweety peeps who decide they are woefully underaccessorized (or up against the V-Day deadline) and sends a note (via Twitter, or comment below, or comment during checkout) will receive free earrings in addition to free shipping on any purchase made today. Go get your accessory on!

User interaction not being Etsy's strong suit, you'll have to navigate to the right side of the main showcase and use the drop down to get to the accessory showcase. I promise to make it worth your while.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let's Get Social - April 3-5

Blogger Social 2009 is happening in Boston!  We are planning a dazzling array of fabulous places to gather, meet, talk, tweet, enjoy refreshing beverages and give you a flavor of this amazing city.

Want to be a part of the historic second Blogger Social? Then REGISTER HERE and get ready to hang with the swells and and giant minds of the blogging universe. 

We've been gifted with great rates at three of the City's nicest hotels (who are welcoming Blogger Socialites with open arms) and are promising as much fun at BS08.

More info to follow - but shout out with questions!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chopped! From My Television Lineup!

So a "chef" can drop a piece of raw meat on the studio kitchen floor, throw it in the pan, serve it to the judges and not be eliminated based on sheer negligence? Hmmm, where would Peanut Corporation of America get the balls to put out tainted peanut butter? Bad food safety should never be tolerated - ever, especially when being judged by a a purportedly "expert" panel.

Bad move Food Network.

Chopped has been chopped from my television lineup. You might have had a contender against Top Chef (Ted Allen being far less annoying that Padma) but the kind of gross, um, grossiness I witness on the Yucca, Watermelon, Tortilla episode went way beyond the pale. Way.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Kim!

Happy Birthday Kim! It was a totally fabulous evening and you looked divine. I hope this year is the best one yet!

Best favors ever!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

OMG, It's Richie Havens!

I was a guest at the Charles Hotel's kick-off of the Regatta Bar Jazz Festival. Richie Havens (ably supported by the amazing Walter Parks) played a set that had the crowd alternately clapping, singing along and standing on their feet. One of the best nights of music I have EVER enjoyed in my life. Even better, I met a bunch of awesomely cool people and reconnected with old friends. All that on a Thursday? That ROCKS. Special thanks to Grey Goose for the orange vodka sidecars and Boston Magazine for co-sponsoring the event.

General Manager of the Charles Hotel Alex Attia and Mr. Richie Havens:
OmGal Rebecca Pacheco of Boston Magazine, Dick Friedman, owner of The Charles Hotel and Alex Attia:
The talented Walter Parks:

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Limited Edition: Set of 20 for the American Red Cross (Boston)

Just in time for Valentine's day, a limited edition pendant (numbered 1-20) created for the American Red Cross, Boston Chapter. The fine people who ensure a blood supply for when your idiot relatives are involved in near-death motorcycle accidents. (Or is that only me?) I digress - the American Red Cross does a great deal to help where others (heck of a job Brownie) fail.

The necklaces are available for $45 and 50% of your purchase price benefits the Boston Chapter, the other 50% supports your local artisan (me.) I think it was an awesome idea for the Boston Chapter to invite artists to create for a cause.

The Valentine's shop is located at the American Red Cross Headquarters:
139 Main Street in Cambridge, MA and is open 11am to 4pm (WEEKDAYS.)

The pendants numbered 1-20 and signed with the "M" on the back.

"Helping Heart" pendant with Garnet bead on Sterling Silver bead chain

Faceted Crystal Opalescent beads with "Helping Heart" pendant

Raspberry Quartz necklace with "Helping Heart" pendant 

Garnet beads with "Helping Heart" pendant

Pink Coral Cupolini beads with "Helping Heart" pendant

Freshwater pearls with "Helping Heart" pendant

Monday, February 02, 2009

Keyword Analysis: Weird

I love use the drill down feature in statcounter and keywords are awesome. A sampling of the 'interesting' ways people landed on the Moda di Magno blog:

Via the Phillipines: famous words of magno {Honey, they're all famous}

From New York: lip gloss sold at contempo casuals {Worked there in 1982, but don't know about today's products}

Visiting from Maryland: elaine chao another privileged bitch gets her walking papers {Meowza!}

A search (that is not unique) from New Orleans: ann coulter & whore {Can't fault an accurate search term}

And the number one search phrase at Moda di Magno last week - and coming to you from the following locations:

Stockholm, Sweden
Chelan County Public Utility District in Washington State
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
London, England
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
London, England (different ISP)
Lufkin, Texas
Franklin, North Carolina
Coventry, England
Munich, Germany
Yonkers, New York
Paris, France
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

drumroll please.... "crotchless jeans."

Um, while I have written about crotchless jeans, they weren't the kind you buy - just the kind you complain about.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Favorite Ads - Super Bowl 43

I really enjoyed watching the Super Bowl with all the Twitter peeps. It was fun to get real time reaction to the advertising. (The game didn't really start until late in the third quarter.) These are my favorite spots (thanks for the hook-up Hulu!)

Honorable mention to Monsters Inc. part whatever, and Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost movies.

Super honorable mention to USA Network "Characters Welcome" spot right after the game. (Hulu, points deducted for not having it on the Super Bowl ad channel. Bad Hulu.)

"Hated It" Awards to: E*Trade baby spots (again,) All Budweiser spots were boring, Pepsi MaGruber was appalling, H&R Block Death and Taxes had the worst sound of any spot in the 20th century, so close and yet, not. Gatorade G campaign -FAIL. GoDaddy should be shot - I would change my webhost if they weren't so cheap. But the ads sucked. Vizio, um, put that account in review.

Thus concludes another Super Bowl.