Monday, February 02, 2009

Keyword Analysis: Weird

I love use the drill down feature in statcounter and keywords are awesome. A sampling of the 'interesting' ways people landed on the Moda di Magno blog:

Via the Phillipines: famous words of magno {Honey, they're all famous}

From New York: lip gloss sold at contempo casuals {Worked there in 1982, but don't know about today's products}

Visiting from Maryland: elaine chao another privileged bitch gets her walking papers {Meowza!}

A search (that is not unique) from New Orleans: ann coulter & whore {Can't fault an accurate search term}

And the number one search phrase at Moda di Magno last week - and coming to you from the following locations:

Stockholm, Sweden
Chelan County Public Utility District in Washington State
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
London, England
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
London, England (different ISP)
Lufkin, Texas
Franklin, North Carolina
Coventry, England
Munich, Germany
Yonkers, New York
Paris, France
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

drumroll please.... "crotchless jeans."

Um, while I have written about crotchless jeans, they weren't the kind you buy - just the kind you complain about.


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Drew McLellan said...

I just about spit my milk on the puppy!

Crotchless jeans indeed!