Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Limited Edition: Set of 20 for the American Red Cross (Boston)

Just in time for Valentine's day, a limited edition pendant (numbered 1-20) created for the American Red Cross, Boston Chapter. The fine people who ensure a blood supply for when your idiot relatives are involved in near-death motorcycle accidents. (Or is that only me?) I digress - the American Red Cross does a great deal to help where others (heck of a job Brownie) fail.

The necklaces are available for $45 and 50% of your purchase price benefits the Boston Chapter, the other 50% supports your local artisan (me.) I think it was an awesome idea for the Boston Chapter to invite artists to create for a cause.

The Valentine's shop is located at the American Red Cross Headquarters:
139 Main Street in Cambridge, MA and is open 11am to 4pm (WEEKDAYS.)

The pendants numbered 1-20 and signed with the "M" on the back.

"Helping Heart" pendant with Garnet bead on Sterling Silver bead chain

Faceted Crystal Opalescent beads with "Helping Heart" pendant

Raspberry Quartz necklace with "Helping Heart" pendant 

Garnet beads with "Helping Heart" pendant

Pink Coral Cupolini beads with "Helping Heart" pendant

Freshwater pearls with "Helping Heart" pendant

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