Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Favorite Ads - Super Bowl 43

I really enjoyed watching the Super Bowl with all the Twitter peeps. It was fun to get real time reaction to the advertising. (The game didn't really start until late in the third quarter.) These are my favorite spots (thanks for the hook-up Hulu!)

Honorable mention to Monsters Inc. part whatever, and Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost movies.

Super honorable mention to USA Network "Characters Welcome" spot right after the game. (Hulu, points deducted for not having it on the Super Bowl ad channel. Bad Hulu.)

"Hated It" Awards to: E*Trade baby spots (again,) All Budweiser spots were boring, Pepsi MaGruber was appalling, H&R Block Death and Taxes had the worst sound of any spot in the 20th century, so close and yet, not. Gatorade G campaign -FAIL. GoDaddy should be shot - I would change my webhost if they weren't so cheap. But the ads sucked. Vizio, um, put that account in review.

Thus concludes another Super Bowl.

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