Thursday, February 05, 2009

OMG, It's Richie Havens!

I was a guest at the Charles Hotel's kick-off of the Regatta Bar Jazz Festival. Richie Havens (ably supported by the amazing Walter Parks) played a set that had the crowd alternately clapping, singing along and standing on their feet. One of the best nights of music I have EVER enjoyed in my life. Even better, I met a bunch of awesomely cool people and reconnected with old friends. All that on a Thursday? That ROCKS. Special thanks to Grey Goose for the orange vodka sidecars and Boston Magazine for co-sponsoring the event.

General Manager of the Charles Hotel Alex Attia and Mr. Richie Havens:
OmGal Rebecca Pacheco of Boston Magazine, Dick Friedman, owner of The Charles Hotel and Alex Attia:
The talented Walter Parks:

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