Thursday, February 19, 2009

Organizing Photo Files

I've been trying to organize my photo files over the last few weeks and I came across some Moda di Magno files from a few years ago. I may revive a few of these as I find I really like them still. TBD.

Faceted Lemon Quartz with Sterling Silver sand dollar pendant. (I didn't make the pendant - this was before my silversmithing days.)

Faceted Lemon Quartz with Sterling Silver starfish.

Red Branch Coral with Turquoise donut pendant.

Red Agate Ovals.

Blue Agate three-strand necklace. I'm definitely going to revive this as I recently came across a small stash of these stones.

Raspberry Quartz, Raspberry Jade and Purple Jade. Yummy.

Four tones of Raspberry Jade. Yummier still.

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