Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Want to Win This! (Seriously!)

The outrageously talented Cristina Hurley said "Hey! For my St. Patrick's Day birthday, let's have a treasure hunt and offer up some delicious goodies!" (Can you spot the words I would be attracted to? The only word left out was SHINY. Oooh, I love shiny...) I digress.

So here it is - a Metalsmiths In Action team Etsy shop treasure hunt where you could win some gorgeous, shiny, lovingly handmade (and totally delicious) items. Read Cristina's post - check out the gems up for grabs below (and at the very bottom, I'm giving you a hint.)


This is my special offering for the treasure hunt - the Magno shamrock. Super limited edition!

Small clover drops by birthday girl Cristina Hurley.

Gorgeous pearl earrings by Teresa Smith.

More loveliness from Teresa Smith.

A gorgeous ring by Sally Jewett-Brocado.

Stunning drops by Teresa Smith.

CLUE: You are looking for a shamrock, but not the one on my necklace. Visit the shops and go wild people! Scoot!

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